The Mission of The Father's House

Our mission is to reach out to others, provide a place for worship, spiritual formation, and community for those seeking to encounter the loving God through faith in Christ. 

R - Reach out

A - Abide in worship

C - Commune with followers

E - Encounter God through faith in Christ.

It is when we realize that God is “Loves arms open wide” that we truly begin to love others without judgement or expectations.
— Pastor Carl Waidell


We value one another’s unique relationship and pilgrimage with God as mediated through Christ.

We value your freedom to express your thoughts about the Divine without criticism or judgment. 

We value your ability to think for yourself. Therefore, we want to challenge you to think about spiritual and social matters for yourself.

We value you right where you are in life. We are not here to fix you, but to encourage you.