Our team serving the Greater South Bay



Senior Pastor Carl Waidell

Pastor Carl is a family man with five children and eight grandchildren. Carl has a diverse background including twenty years of ministry experience and twelve years working in upper-level management for large corporations. Educationally he possesses three degrees a BTH, MM, and MTS. He is also a Professor at Logos University and working on an MA in Systematic Philosophy. With his religious and corporate experience and his education, Carl can make theological concepts relevant in today's fast-paced postmodern world. His passion is to empower people to live a life connected to God, having a healthy self-image while extending love to all.  

Pastor Penny Waidell

Pastor Penny Waidell is a loving wife and family woman with five children and eight grandchildren. Penny's strong gifts are in administration, accounting, and small group facilitating.  Her experience in the corporate world as a Project Manager and Director of Purchasing enable her to bring great depth to understanding the management of human resources and financial analysis. Additionally, her robust gife of love for the broken and hurt is evident to all.

Pastor Ray Romero

Pastor Ray has been a Christian for thirty-six years. As a loving husband and father he has been married for forty-two years having three children and ten grandchildren. Ray holds a BTH from Advantage College.  Ray has a varied ministerial background serving in street and prison ministries. Ray and his wife Terrie were members of the Father's House for thirty-two years. Six years ago Ray and Terrie started a church and recently Ray, and the congregation rejoined The Father's House to strengthen the outreach and pastoral care ministries.

Pastor Mario Antolini

Pastor Mario was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1954. He is a loving husband married 41 years.  He has five children and five grandchildren. Mario dedicated his life to Jesus Christ in 1979 and was ordained in 1984. In 1991, he and his family moved to the United States serving with various congregations and ministries.  In 2015 Mario returned to Argentina and planted a church in a remote, poverty-stricken area.  Today there are five churches connected with his ministry and The Father's House. Mario is also serving at the Father's House in their Spanish Ministry in the office of Pastor.